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Jul 10

Jonas Brothers: Red, Hot and Boom Performers

An party crasher interrupted the Jonas Brothers’ performance at Red, Hot and Boom in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on July 3: rain. In the middle of a performance of their single “Pom Poms,” the power cut out, and the band had to be ushered offstage. The brothers then took over Twitter to clear up any confusion for their fans and the people attending event at Crane Roost Park.
“Sorry for the delay everyone at Red, Hot and Boom. We lost all power to the stage and with the thunderstorm coming safety comes first,” Nick wrote. “We will keep you posted on what happens,” Kevin added.
Eventually, the boys returned to the stage and finished out their set that included Pom Poms, Paranoid, Still In Love With You, Fly With Me, First Time, Love Bug, When You Look Me In The Eyes, SOS and Burnin Up.

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