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Oct 08

Demi Lovato: Teen Vogue Cover Girl (@ddlovato)


Demi Lovato covers the November issue of Teen Vogue Magazine.

The 20-year-old X Factor judge shared some excited news about her album during her interview with the magazine.



“I started to really connect. I’ve just begun working on my fourth album, and I want to do that in my music too. I’m tired of songs that don’t have much emotion in them,” Demi shared. “I love the way Adele has carved out a path for a singer that’s very emotional, but I also love how Taylor Swift can do the same thing -she puts a lot into her songs yet they’re still very catchy. I will say that I’m tired of all the dubstep that’s on the radio right now. I think it [dubstep] is going to be out in two months. I want to make something that people will listen to for a while, rather than something that’s just trendy. I feel like I’ve grown as a person, and I want my music to grow with me.”



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